So I Want to Run a Half Marathon


I decided that I have to do a half marathon. A multitude of reasons contributed to this. Reason number one being that I need to find a way to workout which is not so gym-centric. If things go according to plan next year, it’s pretty doubtful that I’ll have access to a gym. My favorite form of exercise is obviously hiking and backpacking, but when I’m not doing that, I tend to make the StairMaster my best friend. Either that or I do Netflix marathons (that’s exercise right?). All this to say, I need something that I can do pretty much anywhere. Thus the running.

I chose a half marathon because I felt like that was a reasonable distance, and I function a lot better when I have a goal. I was also able to rope my sister and her boyfriend into doing it with me, so added bonus. We are going to do the “Peace-Love-Run” race in San Diego, on April 4th. It’s 60’s themed, which seems like it will be fun. I’m imagining that there will be some tie-dying in our future. It looks like the race course is around the Fiesta Island/ Sea World area. Nice and Flat. Perfect.

We start the training in earnest on January 10th, which is about 12 weeks out. Until, then, we’re going to just keep repeating week 1. I started on Monday. I’m incorporating yoga (for the stretch and strengthen day) because that seems like another good exercise that doesn’t require a gym. Also, I’m sure I could benefit from being a little more relaxed. I did my first 3 mile run yesterday and it was VERY slow. A little over 41 minutes. That being said, I did do a lot of stopping to take pictures of a coyote that I was pretty sure was following me around.


Hunting cats (or me?)


I noticed that the app I was using to track my run doesn’t stop when I do. It’s the Polar app that goes with my heart rate monitor. I think I’m going to switch back over to RunKeeper because it has the auto stop feature which is nice for when I have to stop at crosswalks or take pictures of friendly creatures. Today is a cross training day, so I’m going back to my buddy the StairMaster.

I’m going to make a page (located in the top banner of the blog) to keep a log of my daily workouts. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some improvement in  speed sooner rather than later. I’ll try to keep it updated pretty regularly. I write everything down anyway, so why not?

I’m really excited about this, so there may be more running related posts sprinkled in here down the road.

Here’s a link to the race:!race-info/clij

We’re going to be using the Hal Higdon training program for novices. Here’s a link to it if you’re interested :



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3 responses to “So I Want to Run a Half Marathon

  1. Anonymous

    You guys are going to have a lot of fun training and running the race 🙂 Dad and I are proud of you three!


  2. Good Luck! I just completed a half marathon and it feels great! 🙂

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