Invitation to the Eastern Caribbean


I got the most incredible email this morning. It was my invitation from the Peace Corps to serve in the Eastern Caribbean, leaving June 11th. I opened the email and immediately burst into happy tears. It’s really hard to express how happy I am right now. Giddy would be the only word to describe it. I started the application process in April and have been waiting for this day ever since. If you’ve spoken to me in the past 9 months, you know that I have been a ball of anticipation and working hard to make this happen. I finally got what I’ve been waiting for and I feel like I can now move on from thinking about a million “what if?” scenarios, and start making actual plans. I can let my excitement be real, because now I know it’s going to happen.

The Glorious Email

The Glorious Email

I told the Peace Corps I would serve anywhere, but for obvious reasons, I am very happy to have the opportunity to serve in the Eastern Caribbean. It will be similar weather to what I’m used to here in San Diego. It will be beautiful of course, but also hard work, which I’m looking forward to. I need a challenge.

I am volunteering in the Peace Corps for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is because it is a big step in the direction of the career I am determined to have. I need international work experience, I need experience developing cultural adaptability, and I need to know if I can cut it when things get hard. Besides the practical reasons, I also want to help people, and let them help me become  a better person. Without sounding too idealistic, I truly believe the answer  to most problems in the world is better understanding. That is a lot of what the Peace Corps is about, not going in and thinking that you can save the world, but to go in and expect to bring greater understanding to yourself and those around you. Cultural Exchange. This little paragraph doesn’t begin to fully explain my motivations, but it’s a taste.

Now I have to pass legal and medical clearance and I’ll be golden. I’m finally out of the rut I was in while waiting and I truly feel light as a feather.



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9 responses to “Invitation to the Eastern Caribbean

  1. Anonymous

    So proud and happy for you – Love you always! Mom.


  2. Congratulations on your invite! Such an exciting time in the Peace Corps process!


  3. Congratulations! I am just around the bend from there in Jamaica come March! This is my second shot, Ebola ruined my first shot. I recommend that you truly embrace your host family. I wish I had spent more time with them in Liberia. It is something that you will never ever forget and you will always treasure it.

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    • I will keep that in mind 🙂 maybe we’ll run into each other

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      • Are you going to be teaching or working in another sector? I am working in Environmental Educations and community development as part of the Ag Extension. I was supposed to teach in Liberia, but the universe had other plans.


      • Yes, I’ll be teaching. Community development sounds interesting.


      • I am going to suggest one item that is a must. If you do not already have one a kindle is a lifesaver. In Liberia they issued us one, but I had to give it back since they closed our service. I do not think all posts get kindles, but having a way to read to your hearts content can save on your luggage space. Also find free books or cheap ones with different websites. I have buck books that emails daily, and read cheaply. gathering as many books as possible is a great way to spend the next few months. I also uploaded many movies to an external hard drive. I showed my host family a few movies, they loved the original “Little Shop of Horrors”. It is a great way to bring your family and your community together. You can do a movie night once a week or once a month, they will love it, even if you are watching from your laptop and struggling to hear the sound. It also gives you a great sense of place to see satisfaction in things we take for granted.


      • That’s a great idea. I was already trying to calculate how many books I could fit into my luggage. I’ve been very anti e-reader, but fir practicality’s sake I’ll have to break down.


      • I was as well! But trying to pack books and 2 years of clothes and supplies usurped my anti-Amazon sentiment!



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