My New Kitten: Bean Andcheese Burrito

After much thought, I finally got a pet. My host mom saw me walking to work one morning last week and let me know that she had gotten a kitten for me from her neighbor, and that I could come pick it up after work. This put me in an immediate good mood. I spent the rest of the day in gleeful anticipation. After school got out, I hurried over to her place to find my kitten tied up on her porch. She is about 10 weeks old (by my estimation) and had been prowling the neighborhood since day one. This means that she has essentially been feral. This also means that she’s not the cuddliest kitten. She hissed and spit at me, but I was not deterred. I scooped her up anyway and carried her back to my house.

Once back at my place, I tied her to a chair in the corner and set up a litter box for her. This was just my Peace Corps med kit with some sand in it. Actually, 4 days later, this is still her box. The sand works fine, you just have to clean it more frequently. Anyway, after an hour or so, I freed her from the chair and let her roam the house. I gave her some tuna, which she demolished. We ended up eating the same thing for dinner.

First Hour

First Hour

She likes to be very close to me and follows me around the house, but when I reach out to touch her, she runs away. I’m not too worried about it though. I figure she’ll come around. She’s already shown signs of attitude adjustment: she doesn’t hiss at me anymore.

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

I went to Kingstown on Friday for my salary day and bought her some Purina kitten food. Most people around here feed the cats table scraps, but I don’t really have many since I don’t eat much fish or anything. I figured I’d go the easy way and just use cat food.

I am also looking into getting her vaccinations and spayed, but like everything else here, it’s harder than in the States. I have to figure out a vet to take her to, and then bring her on the van, in a box. That’s going to be a really special experience.

I’m keeping her in the house for the time being. When I’m sure that she likes me, and will come back, I’ll let her out to roam the neighborhood. I obviously need to get her spayed first as well. I also need her for pest control in the house. Hopefully this cat owning thing goes well. It certainly is nice to have another living thing in the house (aside from the bats, rats, spiders, mice, and lizards).

Lizard Hiding in Fear

Lizard Hiding in Fear

I did name her by the way. I named her after something I miss dearly from home. Her name is Bean Andcheese Burrito. Andcheese is an old family name. That would be “Beans” for short though.





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2 responses to “My New Kitten: Bean Andcheese Burrito

  1. cutie pie. I hope all goes well 🙂 BTW…you have a huge following! Any tips on boosting my readership?


    • She is pretty cute. As far as tip.. I just write about the stuff that I like to read in other’s blogs. Keep it real and to the point. It’s more fun to read things that you can relate to… even if they’re embarrassing. Also make sure that you post to your facebook.. probably 90% of my followers are people who I know/ knew or friends of friends.



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