Vincy Thanksgiving


I thought I’d write a short little post so people could see how we celebrated Thanksgiving here in St. Vincent

We were able to pull together a Peace Corps Thanksgiving here on Saturday. They do not celebrate the holiday here, as it is an American holiday, so we had to work on Thursday. Luckily, we managed to celebrate anyway. We did a potluck style dinner with all the usual favorites. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole, stuffing, fried rice, macaroni pie, and much more. Each person was responsible for a dish, and a couple of us made turkeys in addition to that. I was in charge of homemade rolls and turkey. Luckily for me, I had our lovely PCV Rosie help me make the turkey. She is awesome. She’s in her late 70’s, so she has had plenty of experience making turkeys. The turkey turned out great. I made way too many rolls, but they were good.


Due to the ever-lovely fact that none of us can have cars, we had to transport all of our food on the public vans. We had an especially hard time catching a van, so we were over an hour late (or right on time if you use island time). It was frustrating, and tiring, but ended up being worth it. It was good to get most on the PCV’s on St. Vincent together.

Many also invited their friends and coworkers, so we were able to share our American holiday with them, which was great. Peace Corps also gave us $90 to help cover the costs of the meal, which we definitely appreciated since we really are living poor.


We had the meal at a beach bar that let us use their tables and kitchen in exchange for us ordering drinks. I loved being able to have such familiar comfort food in such a great location. We were able to look out over the beautiful Caribbean while we slipped into our tryptophan comas. After we finished with the meal, many went their separate ways, but a few of us went out to the beach and shared some rum. All in all, it was a really awesome time, and a great mixing of cultures. I definitely missed spending the day with my family in California, but that made me appreciate more that I was able to spend it with my Peace Corps family.



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