Peace Corps Resolutions 2016

Ok, so I have been really lazy on the blogging front for like the past month. I’m working on a big “Peace Corps Packing List” blog post that I will post here soon. I just need to take some pictures to go with it. In the meantime, I wanted to post a little something.

I love the New Year. I’m pretty sure that I’ve made resolutions every year since I found out what a resolution was. I actually call them “Year Goals” in my little brain space, but really, same diff. I find that I have a lot of success with them because the goals I set for myself tend to be really important to me. For example, here are my goals from 2015:

  1. Get into the Peace Corps (Bam. Done)
  2. Make myself a better candidate for the Foreign Service based on the 12 dimensions. (Walking that road. So win for this one)
  3. Journal more (done)
  4. Read more (done)
  5. Rely less on technology (had a broken smartphone for 5 months so I accidently achieved this one. I’ll call it a win anyway)
  6. Finish a half marathon (done)
  7. Spend less, save more (I’m poor now, so I’m definitely spending less. Still working on the save more)
  8. Be more kind to my family (I literally couldn’t love those people any more after being apart from them, so I’m pretty sure a side effect of that is kindness)
  9. Acceptance of friends without judgment (still working on this one. At least I try to pretend I’m not judging people occasionally)
  10. Drink more tea (I drink more tea than can be comprehended by the human mind. Which reminds me, I have to go pee, brb)
  11. Allow myself to be more enthusiastic about things (stoicism doesn’t make friends. There’s a time and a place. I’ve spent more time being unabashedly stoked about things, so I call this one a yes)

As you can see, my goals were a hodgepodge of both personal and professional last year. I looked at what I wanted and I looked at my weaknesses and made a list. I have some more personal goals this year but for this post I want to focus on my Peace Corps related goals. So, without much further ado, here they are:

Peace Corps Goals 2016

  1. Have lessons planned a week in advance instead of constantly flying by the seat of my pants
  2. Help YECA grow and prosper (The youth program that I am Programme Manager for. I’ll write a future post about it)
  3. Learn all the kids names in the school
  4. Be more comfortable in the village
  5. Stay more organized
  6. See more of the country
  7. Try cooking more Vincy food
  8. Be more open with people
  9. Kick ass.

Some of those are pretty vague and definitely wouldn’t qualify as “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, but rest assured, they are specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time bound in my head. I’ve got plans.

As far as personal goals, they are as varied as “Do 1 pull up” to “read 30 books”.

Professionally, I’m still making Foreign Service moves. I hope to take the FSOT at the embassy in Barbados sometime this summer.

Again, I’m sorry for not updating this blog in December, it was a super busy month. I won’t bore you with a long account of our adventures, but suffice it to say it was great. I’ll try to write a post about Christmas if I remember. We went to Bequia, waterfalls, beaches, resorts, and more.

Here are some pictures:


Looking back at SVG from the Bequia ferry



Lower Bay, Bequia

Lower Bay, Bequia

Dark View Fall Hamming

Dark View Fall Hamming


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