Mail Me Schtuff

Getting mail here is like hitting the jackpot (I love letters and PICTURES). If you want to mail me anything at all, my address in St. Vincent is:

Kaitlin Bennett
U.S. Peace Corps (St. Vincent)
New Montrose
P.O. Box 884
St. Vincent, West Indies

Wish List:


-Nail Polish
-Stamps/Ink pads/Stickers/markers/ small prizes (for students)
-Educational Posters (Alphabet, parts of body, words… really anything)
-Bikinis (M top L bottom)
-Cheap, trendy sunglasses.
-Snacks (Nothing that can melt unfortunately) [Smooth PEANUT BUTTER, basically anything  from Trader Joe’s but especially dried mandarins, Snyder’s Mustard and Onion Pretzel Chunks, hard candy for the kiddos (think Jolly Ranchers or lollipops), almonds]
-Loose Leaf Tea (jasmine green, lady grey)
-Shoes (They wear out like crazy.. size 8 1/2)
-Sundresses (Size M or 8)
-Work Clothes (Size M)
-Framed Picture of yourself
-Anything that will make me think of you 🙂

Please do not feel any obligation to send me ANYTHING. I just know some people would like to. However, if you don’t send me anything in the mail, I would love an email. Hearing from people at home makes my day 🙂



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