Peace Corps Timeline


April 2014- Did a ton of reading to make sure I wanted to do this and worked on the application at my own pace.
May 1, 2014- Submitted application and Health History form.
May 12, 2014- Emailed recruiter to ask why my references haven’t been contacted yet.
May 13, 2014- Emailed back saying my app didn’t show up in their system until the 12th and it would take up to 10 days to assign my app to a recruiter.
June 6, 2014- Receive email from recruiter saying my app was assigned to her and that my references are being contacted (they were not). Asked to set up interview.
June 19, 2014- Had my interview. She said as soon as I get my 30 tutoring hours she would send me a list of programs and nominate me for the one that is the best fit. Also reattempted to contact my references.
July 2, 2014- All references finally received and submitted forms.
July 29, 2014- I got an email from my recruiter telling me that she sent me a skill sheet in the web site for me to fill out once I finish my 30 hours next month. Also told me that she would send me a list of countries to choose from and to pick by August 25th.
July 31, 2014- Recruiter emails me skill addendum.
August 20, 2014- Finish 30 tutoring hours and submit skill addendum.
August 22, 2014- Recruiter emails me list of countries with programs I am eligible for. She asks me to pick my top 3 (even though I said I would go anywhere).
August 26, 2014- I pick: 1. Eastern Caribbean 2. Nicaragua 3. Macedonia.  I email these choices to my recruiter.
August 27, 2014- My recruiter nominates me for a education program leaving in June in the Eastern Caribbean.
September, October, November, December 2014- Much hand wringing and emailing, but not much new information from my recruiter or placement.
January 2, 2015- Invitation to the Eastern Caribbean, leaving June 11, 2015! I accept right away. I receive an email from staging soon after with links to all the tasks I need to complete before service, and welcome materials. I also receive an email from the Medical Office with medical tasks I need to complete.
January 9, 2015- Received and email letting me know that my legal kit has been sent.
January 12, 2015– I submit my updated resume and aspiration statement. I also work on getting doctor’s and dentist’s appointments.
January 15, 2015– Sent passport materials to Peace Corps via FedEx
January 16, 2015- Received legal kit in the mail
January 23, 2015- Passport materials arrived at Peace Corps Headquarters
January 24, 2015Sent completed legal kit to the Peace Corps via FedEx
January 27, 2015– Went to doctor’s and got most of physical exam done (all the stuff you do’t have to take your clothes off for, because you have to do the pap within 4 months of leaving so the doctor suggested we do that all at once). He ordered my lab work and administered TB skin test.
January 28, 2015– Received email from Peace Corps telling me that they got my completed legal kit.
January 29, 2015– Went and had blood work done, urinalysis done, got TB test read, and got appropriate immunizations.
February 4, 2015- Went to dentist and got exam done. Turns out I need to get a couple fillings, so I will need to go back in for those and to get new x-rays done.
February 17, 2015– Went to dentist and got fillings and new x-rays done. Also went to doctor for pap and to finish paperwork. Uploaded almost all forms to MAP. Still need to wait on pap results, and have my doctor sign a form I missed about a minor allergy I have.
February 18, 2015– Picked up completed allergy form from doctor’s office and uploaded it to my MAP. The only thing missing at this time is the pap smear cytology report.
February 23, 2015– Realized that I had not received an email with log on info for “Learning Space” to complete “Safety and Security” and “Core Values” training. I emailed the department requesting this information. Also received pap result (normal) but had to submit a special request to get the lab report.
February 24, 2015- Received an email with log on info for “Learning Space” and completed the “Safety and Security” training class.
February 25, 2015– Picked up my pap cytology report from the doctor and uploaded it to my MAP. Received an email from the Peace Corps confirming that all of my medical documents had been received and that they would email me if they needed any additional information. Also finished “Core Values” module in “Learning Space”.
March 4, 2015– Sent a message on the MAP asking when I can expect to have my medical and dental paperwork reviewed by a nurse and receive final medical clearance.
March 6, 2015- Received an email back saying that she is reviewing files that are staging in the next two months, and she will get to my file in the next couple weeks.
March 11, 2015– Got an email from the Peace Corps stating that they have begun my background investigation for legal clearance. It said that I will not receive final legal clearance until I have been sworn in as a volunteer.
April 1, 2015– Emailed placement officer letting him know what I had completed and asking him whether there was anything else I should do as I waited. He emailed me back the same day letting me know that the medical clearance process takes some time and that I will get my finalized itinerary 1 month before departure.
April 2, 2015– Email from my country desk officer (who my placement officer had CCed on our emails) letting me know that I am on track with all my tasks and to enjoy the next couple months with my family and friends.
April 8, 2015– Got a message from the medical office saying I was missing a couple blood test results.
April 9, 2015- Picked up missing results from doctors office.
April 14, 2015– Submitted missing documents to medical portal.
April 15, 2015– Got an email letting me know that I got final medical clearance! Yay!!
May 12, 2015- Received email from Staging giving me information on what to expect with staging. They also gave me a phone number to contact SATO and book my flights.
May 13, 2015– I called SATO and they booked a flight for me to Miami via Atlanta for June 10th.
June 2,  2015- Received a call from an EC Peace Corps staffer who asked me how packing was going and answered a few questions that I had.
June 10, 2015- Flew from San Diego to Miami for staging.
June 11, 2015- Registration and staging in Miami.
June 12, 2015- Flew to St. Lucia!
August 1, 2015- Flew to my site in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
August 27,2015- Swore In as a PCV


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  2. love the timeline. I took notes on all my prep for joining as well.



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